ICPF Corrugated Packaging Awards - Request For Proposals 2017-18

The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) seeks to enhance student understanding of the corrugated packaging industry, its products, and career opportunities with the bottom line goal of developing and attracting qualified graduates into corrugated packaging and displays careers.


During the past fifteen years, ICPF has placed almost $12 million of equipment, and even more in software, in the packaging and graphic design programs within colleges and universities throughout the U.S and Canada.  While these colleges and universities have signed partnership agreements to place the maintenance and replacement of the equipment into their individual capital improvement budgets, there are additional initiatives ICPF wishes to support to further advance corrugated packaging & displays curricula at these and other college programs around the United States. 


In this regard, attached is ICPF’s Corrugated Packaging Awards - Request for Proposals 2017. ICPF invites faculty of packaging, business, engineering, graphic design, structural design, industrial engineering, and other related college and university programs to submit proposals.  In 2018, up to three selected proposals will receive an award with an anticipated value of up to $150,000 paid over three years. Proposals not requiring the full $150,000 award over three years will receive strong consideration as well.


ICPF welcomes creative concepts to meet the objectives outlined in the attached RFP as well as those that meet other objectives pertinent to corrugated packaging & displays. Proposals might include the addition of corrugated faculty, expansion or early introduction of corrugated packaging design education in the sophomore year, the introduction of corrugated marketing and sales or business into packaging course work, the development of a new corrugated packaging program at a university or college in an underserved region, a prototype to track packaging students and their career choices upon graduation, the addition of dedicated corrugated packaging student co-ops and internships, and other creative initiatives that will enhance student knowledge and further promote career opportunities in the corrugated packaging & displays industry. ICPF values your ideas.


For those colleges and universities planning to apply for the three year award, an initial two page summary proposal is due on November 17, 2017.  More specifics are in the attached RFP.  ICPF appreciates and recognizes the work our college and university partners conduct to advance corrugated packaging & displays education. We hope you will strongly consider making application.  




November 17, 2017  Submission Deadline for Two-Page Summary Proposal


April 13, 2018           Final Proposals Due


May 15, 2018            Announcement to Finalist(s)


June 15, 2018           Signed Contracts/Agreements Due


June 30, 2018           First Annual Corrugated Packaging Award Installments Begin